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Today I’d like to write about Matcha, Japanese green tea.

Have you ever heard “matcha“?


This is powdered green tea called “matcha”!!

This tea is so popular in Japan and recently people often drink with coffee such as “matcha latte”. Moreover, matcha is also used by making sweets and ice cream.

Matcha tastes bitter, sweet, mild, strong, weak….😅 Honestly, It is difficult for me to explain because of depending on powder and how to make.

Because, there are a various type of powder and some kind of way to drink. In my opinion, if you would drink matcha for the first time, please drink strong and mild powder.Because this is most typical Matcha.

Next, I want to write about how to drink and the ingredient of Matcha.

Firstly, please watch this movie!

You know

This is a simple way to make Matcha.In this movie, tea bowl and tea whisk, tea ladle are used.But, instead of these you can use glass and tea spoon.Because, enjoying tea is most important. So, what you need is just Matcha powder.

Before I recommend powder, I want to write the ingredient of Matcha.

Matcha is made up of vitaminC and potassium, caffein and tannin. These ingredient make you helthy, controling your blood rising and developing your muscle, reducing cholesterol.

So, Matcha is so good not only relaxing but also a various efficient!!

Finally, I’d like to introduce my favorite shop and powder.My favorite shop is IPPODO TEA which is so famous shop in Kyoto, Japan.This shop has online shop you can buy it and tea item anytime.Especially, I recommend you Ummon-no-mukashi which is most rich taste in this shop. This powder is suitable for beginners and so mild😁


Honestly, I think it’s so difficult for me to write blog for the first time and this blog is not interesting yet😂 But, I promise you to improve everyday and provide you with premium information!

Tomorrow I will write about traditional tea ceremony and tea ceremony on the table that is created recently and studying by myself.


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