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Today I’d like to write Japanese tea ceremony.

Have you ever seen tea ceremony?


Japanese Tea ceremony was created by Sen no Rikyu during the Azuchi-momoyama period. He is a famous tea master in Japan who invented Wabi-cha, which became the origin of modern tea ceremony.

Now schools of Japanese tea ceremony are separated three type of schools, which are Omote-senke, Ura-senke, Mushakoji-senke. These type of schools have different master and manner, style for sure. But, all of  schools are based on Sen-no-rikiyu, which respect philosophy called Zen. The philosophy that Zen is so interesting and important in tea ceremony. So, I will write about Zen another time.

I think  three type of schools called San-senke are also interesting and good topic, but these information and difference have already collected on the internet clearly. So, I don’t explain in detail.In Japan, Ura-senke is most popular, especially among a house wife. Because,this style is most innovative and grand performance. On the other hand, Omote-senke is most typical style and similar to Sen no Rikyu. This style is more conservative and traditional. Mushakoji-senke is like Omote-senke and minor. These style have also different way to wear kimono and make tea.

By the way, do you know tea ceremony on the table?

Recently, tea ceremony on the table is invented and more popular in Japan.

I have also started to study it and enjoy everyday. To my surprise, this style of tea ceremony is suitable for foreign countries, above all Uk. Because, you know there is tea culture in Uk, which is afternoon tea. Moreover, I think this tea ceremony can start casual and practice by your pace. You can experience the atmosphere of tea ceremony and philosophy absolutely.

If you are interested in tea ceremony on the table, please try it or tell me!!

Thank you for reading!


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