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Yesterday I wrote about tea ceremony, so I intended to write about Zen.

But, I noticed fact that Anime Japan 2017 is holding now in Japan, 25 and 26 march.

Thus, today I’d like to write about Japan Anime culture☺️

Have you ever seen Japan Anime or Manga?

Recently, Anime is more popular among young people all over the world. For example, NARUTO and ONE PIECE, ATTACK ON TITAN, DRAGON BALL etc..

In fact, I’m surprised many people know Japan Anime. Honestly, I thought Japan Anime is minor and some of works such as Ghibli made by Hayao Miyazaki are familiar to a little people. But, I was wrong. Many Anime fan exist and enjoy in a various way, which include Cosplay and Japan event as Japan expo and Hyper Japan, Japan Day. As soon as I knew the fact, I started to study and watch Anime. Because, I thought it important to spread Japan culture and understand supplies.

Do you know why Japan Anime is popular and cool?


I think Japan Anime has original design as cool and cute character, unique message related human future, relationship with human, love, ego, spirit, etc.., compared with Europe and USA Anime. Maybe the former is influenced by Manga, which is typical culture and great comic. The latter is affected by characteristics of Japanese, which include philosophy and custom of meaning everything, pursue fiction world. Anyway many type of Anime are created by every year. It is so strange, but it is so wonderful thing. I think Japanese must make most of Anime culture not just denying. It is one of the most possible culture to spread and accept!!

By the way, about Anime japan this event is typical event, which include many booth and live event, talk show, business area, etc..😁

In my opinion, these event should be held in many country because there are a lot of fan in the world. I want to suggest performing Anime Japan world tour every year😆

Tomorrow I will start special collection about Anime, introducing a lot of Anime. Of course,     I will include Japan technology and information. Japan Anime involve  a lot of culture!!


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