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Today I’d like to write about Fate series which is one of the most powerful works in Japan.


The reason why I chose this works is more powerful in 2017 and popular among foreigners,  Indeed I thought its to accept easily in another country. This series are spreading multiple Anime and game and novel. Here I want to write about attractions and my favorite point.

First of all, I must say “Fate character is so attractive and cool, delicate.” Fate character is derived from historical hero. For example, King Arthur and Gilgamesh, Hercules. Fate’s story is unfold on war of a sacred cup, which is performed by master and servant. In this situation, master is magician and servant is historic hero basically. Thus, relationship with master and servant are one of highlight😆Moreover, one of highlight is to vary spotlight as how is character’s personality and who is main character, what is work’s theme, shape of ideal in proportion to series. I think this point is most important and the reason of being keen on Fate.

And of course I can recommend this Anime as one of the most beautiful drawing.


If you are interested in this Anime, please check it!! Recently Fate series are more powerful  and also new Anime and movie are announced by official, including Anime Japan event today😉In my experience, if you start to watch Anime, you can’t stop it and continue to check other series! Furthermore, the stage of Anime is urban city in Japan, so you will feel scene of Japan by watching beautiful drawing.


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