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Today I’d like to write about Japanese classical theatre called Kabuki.

Have you ever heard Kabuki??

If you will go to Japan, you should see Kabuki definitely!!!

Because, Kabuki involve in a various Japan culture as traditional Japanese musical instruments and kimono, the idea of four season in Japan, archaism and stage technique.

Nevertheless, many Japanese people have never seen Kabuki unfortunately😭

Indeed, it is said that over 80% people have never seen Kabuki from survey. In my experience, almost all of audience are elderly people and foreign tourist. I think this fact is so ridiculous and Japanese must feel shameful because Kabuki is so significant culture.

Maybe if you see Kabuki, you must feel old-fashioned and funny, sometimes strange. But, I want you to take notice of three points at least.

First point is stage technique and performance. Kabuki has so long history, but it is more and more evolving. For example, Kabuki performance include special pose and playing to the gallery and walking in the sky. Especially, special pose make you excited since actor’s face is so strong and their pose is so unique. Also, stage changing is so fantastic and you can feel Japanese elegance and theater technique!!

Please watch this movie! You can feel Kabuki’s performance😆

Next, second point is Japan traditional culture as traditional Japanese musical instruments and classical clothes. As soon as you start to see Kabuki, you can notice performance of Japanese classical instruments as Japanese drum and Japanese pipe. Their music allow you to feel sentimental and atmosphere of Japan. Also, Kabuki’s actor always wear traditional clothes, so you can understand what Japan was😉

Please watch this movie!! Maybe you will know Kabuki’s image👍

Finally, third point is interactive with audience. Kabuki has stage-passage called Hanamichi and call rule. Perhaps you will be surprised because seeing actor walking stage-passage is magnificent. On the other hand, when you hear audience’s call, you would smile or laugh soon. I think Kabuki’s call is so unique and interesting, sometimes funny because their voice is so big and deep😅Yet, you can enjoy it!!


If you are interested in Kabuki, please experience someday!!

Thank you😘


P.S. Recently Kabuki is rapidly developing, so I want to introduce it called super Kabuki as collaborating ONE PEACE and Hatsune Miku. Tomorrow I will write about super Kabuki and related Japan culture✨



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