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Today I ‘d like to write about Super Kabuki😌

Yesterday as I said, these days Kabuki is more and more evolving.

Above all, Kabuki collaborate with Manga and latest technology because Kabuki’s actor wants young people to be interested in Kabuki and traditional culture!

In today’s blog, I want to introduce two type of super Kabuki as ONE PEACE Kabuki and nico nico super Kabuki😆

Firstly, ONE PEACE Kabuki was performed formal theater to perform Kabuki two years ago. This Kabuki is based on ONE PEACE, most popular Japanese Manga. To my surprise, this Kabuki was made of typical Kabuki’s performance and famous scene of ONE PEACE. So, we can experience Kabuki’s attraction and ONE PEACE’s story simultaneously!! Thanks to supreme fusion, many young people went to Kabuki since they wanted to feel pure Kabuki quickly. In fact, I was surprised on account of a lot of youth coming this Kabuki with grandparents. I thought it so significant to succeed to classical culture. Moreover, I recognize it suitable for foreigners because typical Kabuki is sometimes difficult and complicated. But, super Kabuki’s story is so clear because of aiming to send everyone including beginners and child Kabuki and Manga’s attraction👍Thus, I can say “This is one of the most enjoyable entertainment!”

Next, I want to write about nico nico super Kabuki!

Do you know nico nico movie and Hatsune Miku??

First of all, nico nico movie is a famous platform to watch movie on the internet in Japan. This platform is different from other platform in terms of having function to comment every time in movie including live broadcasting. So, it allow us to enjoy contents simultaneously!

And I must explain Hatsune Miku. This name is character’s name made of Vocaloid. In Japan, Vocaloid was so popular a few yeas ago among geek called Otaku since many people were absorbed in making Vocaloid on nico nico movie. Anyway, please watch this movie! This is Vocaloid as Hatsune Miku!

And eventually I can write about super Kabuki with Hatsune Miku.

Honestly, I was proud of seeing this Kabuki because this Kabuki fulfilled perfect collaboration with Kabuki and latest technology. I can say ” Japanese technology and classical culture are really wonderful and one of the most impressive culture in the world!”

This Kabuki use latest technology as augmented reality, projection mapping, typical Japanese graphic design, ICT technology!! Moreover, this Kabuki involved in audience of nico nico movie by using comment function. In other words, real screen on the stage reflected on nico nico platform.

Indeed, this Kabuki got many award in Japan. Thanks to this achievement, new super Kabuki with technology and Hatsune Miku is determined 29th and 30th April 2017. So, if you are interested in super Kabuki, please watch it on nico nico movie. You can register easily and nico nico movie’s price is cheap😘


Thank you!



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