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Today I’d like to write about SF Anime, especially Ghost in the shell.

Today the version of movie “Ghost in the shell” is open screen exactly.

So, I want to introduce original version and the power of influence from this works.

Firstly Ghost in the shell is one of the most sophisticated movie or Anime. This works have a effect on a lot of people and other works. So, I will explain Ghost in the shell’s attraction.


Ghost in the shell was open in 1995 for the first time, which was movie. In that time, the directer was Mamoru Oshii who made a lot of movie and Anime asĀ Mobile Police PATLABOR andĀ Urusei Yatsura, Innocence that is next series of Ghost in the shell. This movie was evaluated as splendid movie among many directors and movie critic, not just fans. Moreover, this movie was recorded No.1 on Billboard Ā sales weekly chart in 1996. Ā And the live-action version is open on 31 March in 2017. This fact demonstrate the high evaluation.

But, I must touch in fact that Ghost in the shell is made as some series including Ghost in the shell and Innocence, Ghost in the shell S.A,C, Ghost in the shell ARISE, etc. Also, The live action version treat contents of some series. Honestly, I have not watched the latest movie yet. But Ghost in the shell consist of some series and involve in a various theme as internet, AI, robot, religion, war, philosophy, thought of human, politics, terrorism, refugee. So, I’m looking forward to watch this movie because I’m interested in how to mix element and complete.

Anyway watching Ghost in the shell allow us to think of world and human, thought, future.

For example, main character”Motoko Kusanagi” is cyborg that she tried to be cyborg by herself. Ā  Ā Basically her body and brain is almost robot, but she has ego and spirit called ghost. In other words, her life is one of the data on the internet. In this works, technology is more sophisticated and developing, which indicates our future world in a way. I think one of the most important thing about fiction is to describe future to prepare for new technology. In addition, this works sometimes provide us with some danger. For instance, one of the most popular story in Ghost in the shell is the accident of Ā laughing man. In this story, firstly super hacker called laughing man cause accident using internet. But after that, many copycat crime come out many times. And then people respecting laughing man start to think as if existence of that man is religion. Moreover, people using that man emerge to hide secret and earn money. In brief, this story suggest the darkness of people is created by too developing internet and Ā  people approaching on internet too much. I think this Anime is so complicated, but we can know many type of idea absolutely.

If you are interested in this series, firstly please watch the live-action movie!

After that, I want you to watch original AnimešŸ˜†

Thank you


P.S. Maybe I will write about impression of the live-acton movie and similar Anime”PSY-CHO-PASS” someday!



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