Ghost in the shell👻

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Today I’d like to write about SF Anime, especially Ghost in the shell.

Today the version of movie “Ghost in the shell” is open screen exactly.

So, I want to introduce original version and the power of influence from this works.

Firstly Ghost in the shell is one of the most sophisticated movie or Anime. This works have a effect on a lot of people and other works. So, I will explain Ghost in the shell’s attraction.


Ghost in the shell was open in 1995 for the first time, which was movie. In that time, the directer was Mamoru Oshii who made a lot of movie and Anime as Mobile Police PATLABOR and Urusei Yatsura, Innocence that is next series of Ghost in the shell. This movie was evaluated as splendid movie among many directors and movie critic, not just fans. Moreover, this movie was recorded No.1 on Billboard  sales weekly chart in 1996.  And the live-action version is open on 31 March in 2017. This fact demonstrate the high evaluation.

But, I must touch in fact that Ghost in the shell is made as some series including Ghost in the shell and Innocence, Ghost in the shell S.A,C, Ghost in the shell ARISE, etc. Also, The live action version treat contents of some series. Honestly, I have not watched the latest movie yet. But Ghost in the shell consist of some series and involve in a various theme as internet, AI, robot, religion, war, philosophy, thought of human, politics, terrorism, refugee. So, I’m looking forward to watch this movie because I’m interested in how to mix element and complete.

Anyway watching Ghost in the shell allow us to think of world and human, thought, future.

For example, main character”Motoko Kusanagi” is cyborg that she tried to be cyborg by herself.    Basically her body and brain is almost robot, but she has ego and spirit called ghost. In other words, her life is one of the data on the internet. In this works, technology is more sophisticated and developing, which indicates our future world in a way. I think one of the most important thing about fiction is to describe future to prepare for new technology. In addition, this works sometimes provide us with some danger. For instance, one of the most popular story in Ghost in the shell is the accident of  laughing man. In this story, firstly super hacker called laughing man cause accident using internet. But after that, many copycat crime come out many times. And then people respecting laughing man start to think as if existence of that man is religion. Moreover, people using that man emerge to hide secret and earn money. In brief, this story suggest the darkness of people is created by too developing internet and   people approaching on internet too much. I think this Anime is so complicated, but we can know many type of idea absolutely.

If you are interested in this series, firstly please watch the live-action movie!

After that, I want you to watch original Anime😆

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P.S. Maybe I will write about impression of the live-acton movie and similar Anime”PSY-CHO-PASS” someday!



Super Kabuki⭐️

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Today I ‘d like to write about Super Kabuki😌

Yesterday as I said, these days Kabuki is more and more evolving.

Above all, Kabuki collaborate with Manga and latest technology because Kabuki’s actor wants young people to be interested in Kabuki and traditional culture!

In today’s blog, I want to introduce two type of super Kabuki as ONE PEACE Kabuki and nico nico super Kabuki😆

Firstly, ONE PEACE Kabuki was performed formal theater to perform Kabuki two years ago. This Kabuki is based on ONE PEACE, most popular Japanese Manga. To my surprise, this Kabuki was made of typical Kabuki’s performance and famous scene of ONE PEACE. So, we can experience Kabuki’s attraction and ONE PEACE’s story simultaneously!! Thanks to supreme fusion, many young people went to Kabuki since they wanted to feel pure Kabuki quickly. In fact, I was surprised on account of a lot of youth coming this Kabuki with grandparents. I thought it so significant to succeed to classical culture. Moreover, I recognize it suitable for foreigners because typical Kabuki is sometimes difficult and complicated. But, super Kabuki’s story is so clear because of aiming to send everyone including beginners and child Kabuki and Manga’s attraction👍Thus, I can say “This is one of the most enjoyable entertainment!”

Next, I want to write about nico nico super Kabuki!

Do you know nico nico movie and Hatsune Miku??

First of all, nico nico movie is a famous platform to watch movie on the internet in Japan. This platform is different from other platform in terms of having function to comment every time in movie including live broadcasting. So, it allow us to enjoy contents simultaneously!

And I must explain Hatsune Miku. This name is character’s name made of Vocaloid. In Japan, Vocaloid was so popular a few yeas ago among geek called Otaku since many people were absorbed in making Vocaloid on nico nico movie. Anyway, please watch this movie! This is Vocaloid as Hatsune Miku!

And eventually I can write about super Kabuki with Hatsune Miku.

Honestly, I was proud of seeing this Kabuki because this Kabuki fulfilled perfect collaboration with Kabuki and latest technology. I can say ” Japanese technology and classical culture are really wonderful and one of the most impressive culture in the world!”

This Kabuki use latest technology as augmented reality, projection mapping, typical Japanese graphic design, ICT technology!! Moreover, this Kabuki involved in audience of nico nico movie by using comment function. In other words, real screen on the stage reflected on nico nico platform.

Indeed, this Kabuki got many award in Japan. Thanks to this achievement, new super Kabuki with technology and Hatsune Miku is determined 29th and 30th April 2017. So, if you are interested in super Kabuki, please watch it on nico nico movie. You can register easily and nico nico movie’s price is cheap😘


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Today I’d like to write about Japanese classical theatre called Kabuki.

Have you ever heard Kabuki??

If you will go to Japan, you should see Kabuki definitely!!!

Because, Kabuki involve in a various Japan culture as traditional Japanese musical instruments and kimono, the idea of four season in Japan, archaism and stage technique.

Nevertheless, many Japanese people have never seen Kabuki unfortunately😭

Indeed, it is said that over 80% people have never seen Kabuki from survey. In my experience, almost all of audience are elderly people and foreign tourist. I think this fact is so ridiculous and Japanese must feel shameful because Kabuki is so significant culture.

Maybe if you see Kabuki, you must feel old-fashioned and funny, sometimes strange. But, I want you to take notice of three points at least.

First point is stage technique and performance. Kabuki has so long history, but it is more and more evolving. For example, Kabuki performance include special pose and playing to the gallery and walking in the sky. Especially, special pose make you excited since actor’s face is so strong and their pose is so unique. Also, stage changing is so fantastic and you can feel Japanese elegance and theater technique!!

Please watch this movie! You can feel Kabuki’s performance😆

Next, second point is Japan traditional culture as traditional Japanese musical instruments and classical clothes. As soon as you start to see Kabuki, you can notice performance of Japanese classical instruments as Japanese drum and Japanese pipe. Their music allow you to feel sentimental and atmosphere of Japan. Also, Kabuki’s actor always wear traditional clothes, so you can understand what Japan was😉

Please watch this movie!! Maybe you will know Kabuki’s image👍

Finally, third point is interactive with audience. Kabuki has stage-passage called Hanamichi and call rule. Perhaps you will be surprised because seeing actor walking stage-passage is magnificent. On the other hand, when you hear audience’s call, you would smile or laugh soon. I think Kabuki’s call is so unique and interesting, sometimes funny because their voice is so big and deep😅Yet, you can enjoy it!!


If you are interested in Kabuki, please experience someday!!

Thank you😘


P.S. Recently Kabuki is rapidly developing, so I want to introduce it called super Kabuki as collaborating ONE PEACE and Hatsune Miku. Tomorrow I will write about super Kabuki and related Japan culture✨


My favorite band🌈

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Today I’d like to write about J-POP music, especially L’Arc〜en〜Ciel.

Maybe you don’t know this name, but this is Japanese band name.


Honestly, I must introduce traditional Japan music as Enka and Japanese drum, Japanese harp, also Japanese idol such as AKB48 and ARASHI, moreover Vocaloid like Hatsune Miku and Anime song firstly. Because These existence are indispensable for talking about J-POP. But I chose this band today, because simply my favorite band is L’Arc〜en〜Ciel😉

And also 8th and 9th April, they will perform 25th anniversary live. They are one of the most successful band in Japan. In fact, their achievement are excel in Japan. For example, their total sales are 29 million and they performed on  Madison square garden in USA called holy place of rock. Furthermore, they have a lot of fan all over the world thanks to their world tour’s success and their song for famous Anime OP as Fullmetal Alchemist.

Next, the reason why I like their music is the width of their song and quality of their performance, also impressive words of song. Above all, their width of song are so wonderful because all of members can make a special song. In addition, I think their fashion are one of the reason to succeed since they are cool and fashionable simply😌


Finally, I want you to check their music and live!!

If you are interested in their music, please listen to other songs!!!


Thank you very much😆


Fate series⚔

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Today I’d like to write about Fate series which is one of the most powerful works in Japan.


The reason why I chose this works is more powerful in 2017 and popular among foreigners,  Indeed I thought its to accept easily in another country. This series are spreading multiple Anime and game and novel. Here I want to write about attractions and my favorite point.

First of all, I must say “Fate character is so attractive and cool, delicate.” Fate character is derived from historical hero. For example, King Arthur and Gilgamesh, Hercules. Fate’s story is unfold on war of a sacred cup, which is performed by master and servant. In this situation, master is magician and servant is historic hero basically. Thus, relationship with master and servant are one of highlight😆Moreover, one of highlight is to vary spotlight as how is character’s personality and who is main character, what is work’s theme, shape of ideal in proportion to series. I think this point is most important and the reason of being keen on Fate.

And of course I can recommend this Anime as one of the most beautiful drawing.


If you are interested in this Anime, please check it!! Recently Fate series are more powerful  and also new Anime and movie are announced by official, including Anime Japan event today😉In my experience, if you start to watch Anime, you can’t stop it and continue to check other series! Furthermore, the stage of Anime is urban city in Japan, so you will feel scene of Japan by watching beautiful drawing.


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I Have forgotten Anime Japan event😹

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Yesterday I wrote about tea ceremony, so I intended to write about Zen.

But, I noticed fact that Anime Japan 2017 is holding now in Japan, 25 and 26 march.

Thus, today I’d like to write about Japan Anime culture☺️

Have you ever seen Japan Anime or Manga?

Recently, Anime is more popular among young people all over the world. For example, NARUTO and ONE PIECE, ATTACK ON TITAN, DRAGON BALL etc..

In fact, I’m surprised many people know Japan Anime. Honestly, I thought Japan Anime is minor and some of works such as Ghibli made by Hayao Miyazaki are familiar to a little people. But, I was wrong. Many Anime fan exist and enjoy in a various way, which include Cosplay and Japan event as Japan expo and Hyper Japan, Japan Day. As soon as I knew the fact, I started to study and watch Anime. Because, I thought it important to spread Japan culture and understand supplies.

Do you know why Japan Anime is popular and cool?


I think Japan Anime has original design as cool and cute character, unique message related human future, relationship with human, love, ego, spirit, etc.., compared with Europe and USA Anime. Maybe the former is influenced by Manga, which is typical culture and great comic. The latter is affected by characteristics of Japanese, which include philosophy and custom of meaning everything, pursue fiction world. Anyway many type of Anime are created by every year. It is so strange, but it is so wonderful thing. I think Japanese must make most of Anime culture not just denying. It is one of the most possible culture to spread and accept!!

By the way, about Anime japan this event is typical event, which include many booth and live event, talk show, business area, etc..😁

In my opinion, these event should be held in many country because there are a lot of fan in the world. I want to suggest performing Anime Japan world tour every year😆

Tomorrow I will start special collection about Anime, introducing a lot of Anime. Of course,     I will include Japan technology and information. Japan Anime involve  a lot of culture!!


Thank you







Tea ceremony on the table!?

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Today I’d like to write Japanese tea ceremony.

Have you ever seen tea ceremony?


Japanese Tea ceremony was created by Sen no Rikyu during the Azuchi-momoyama period. He is a famous tea master in Japan who invented Wabi-cha, which became the origin of modern tea ceremony.

Now schools of Japanese tea ceremony are separated three type of schools, which are Omote-senke, Ura-senke, Mushakoji-senke. These type of schools have different master and manner, style for sure. But, all of  schools are based on Sen-no-rikiyu, which respect philosophy called Zen. The philosophy that Zen is so interesting and important in tea ceremony. So, I will write about Zen another time.

I think  three type of schools called San-senke are also interesting and good topic, but these information and difference have already collected on the internet clearly. So, I don’t explain in detail.In Japan, Ura-senke is most popular, especially among a house wife. Because,this style is most innovative and grand performance. On the other hand, Omote-senke is most typical style and similar to Sen no Rikyu. This style is more conservative and traditional. Mushakoji-senke is like Omote-senke and minor. These style have also different way to wear kimono and make tea.

By the way, do you know tea ceremony on the table?

Recently, tea ceremony on the table is invented and more popular in Japan.

I have also started to study it and enjoy everyday. To my surprise, this style of tea ceremony is suitable for foreign countries, above all Uk. Because, you know there is tea culture in Uk, which is afternoon tea. Moreover, I think this tea ceremony can start casual and practice by your pace. You can experience the atmosphere of tea ceremony and philosophy absolutely.

If you are interested in tea ceremony on the table, please try it or tell me!!

Thank you for reading!